Finding a Great Local Gym Just Got Easier

Okay, we’re tired of the big chains. For too long, we’ve had to deal with the likes of L.A. Fitness and Gold’s Gym. They’re overpriced and under-quality. Fortunately these days we have a few more options. Gone are the days when you had to go to some muscle factory where very little working out is actually going on but a lot of self-admiration and chit chat is taking place. People aren’t re-stacking the dumbbells, some guy is texting on the bench press, and the 5-o’clock warriors overwhelm the place when they arrive, leaving few machines or free weights for the rest of us.

Building Muscle

And you pay $30-50 per month for that? It’s shameful. Truthfully, the big gyms have been plaguing America for decades. We’re athletic and vain creatures so we want to look our best and we’re willing to fork over a good amount of cash in order to do so. But the experience has been lacking. The staff are a lot more like salesman than they are athletic trainers or dietitians. They seem lacking in advice about the best things to eat or the proper way to build strength and endurance. Asking them a question too often feels like you’re interrupting something or giving them a chore.

What are the alternatives?

But we still have to find a place to work out. You could try getting a home gym, but they’re overpriced and take up loads of space. Plus, they break too often and you don’t have your own personal maintenance guy on hand. You could open your own gym and start a business… but… no. You don’t have that kind of time on your hands. Do you?

But the good news is, we found at least one good one. And this video shows just how cool it is. There’s an incredible variety at this local gym, and that means never (hopefully) getting tired of workouts. It also means constant muscle confusion, which I’m told is a good thing. But seriously, this is a place with young and old, big and small, athletic and not. If there’s one place you want to call home that’s going to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for you, no matter what your physical goals are.. it’s this place.

We highly recommend you go check it out. There’s really no reason not to treat yourself to a place like this you can go to get back in shape and stay that way. You need it, I need it, everybody needs it, and this place provides it… in spades.

Wandering the Great Outdoors in Arizona

We’re on a new trip this time and we’ve found ourselves in the high desert of Arizona. It’s a beautiful place, of course, and we welcome anyone looking who has an interest in seeing the Copper State. First up in our visit: Prescott, Arizona.

Believe it or not, Prescott was actually going to be the capital of Arizona at one time. In 1864 it was the capital of the Arizona territory, but all that changed when the territory became a state in 1912! In fact, the original governor’s mansion, such as it is, is still there and available to visit! Too cool!

governor mansion

But enough of that, we came out to explore the great outdoors! We want to see all that nature has to offer out here in this pine tree filled paradise, and there’s plenty to see!

It’s a tough choice deciding where to go and what to see first. There’s Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain, or you can go take a dip at Watson and Willow lakes. Decisions, decisions…

You can also hike the glorious Bradshaw Mountains, which contain an interesting mixture of desert and forest fauna depending on your elevation and location in the mountains! Cool!

Hiking in Prescott

There’s just so much to see and so little time, but it truly is a wonderful place if you enjoy friendly people, great hiking, and maybe even a little birdwatching. You might even see the American Kestrel or the American Robin if you search hard and long enough.

We decided we’d hike the Bradshaws. We brought plenty of water of course, even though the temperature had cooled down. It was a wonderful experience to see those beautiful sights and even the occasional animal wandering through the trees. Listen carefully to the sounds of forest, too. The amazing combination of birds chirping and wind whistling through the trees is hard to beat for any kind of nature enthusiast.

When we finished our long hike, we packed up our tents and supplies and headed back into town to see what we could find to eat. And much to our surprise, we found a pretty diverse array of great restaurants to choose from. We stopped at a local pizza place and enjoyed what we ate before heading on our way to the next great adventure.

For anyone wondering if it’s worth a visit, we believe it is! Get out there and explore all there is and take more photos than we did. Be sure  to pack plenty of water on any outdoor excursions and mind the trails you never get yourselves lost. Happy travels!

Mountain Climbing Spots for Beginners

It’s a difficult sport to get into, mountain climbing. Apart from not all that many people out there doing it, there’s also the Catch-22 nature of the sport and how to get good in the beginning. Without getting yourself killed, that is.

One of the most common questions we get at Kingsley Mountain Climbing is where beginners can go to find challenging but safe hikes. Climbers of all types make mistakes, even experience ones, but those mistakes are generally a lot higher in number when you’re just getting your feet wet in the sport.

Mountain Climb Travel

So where do beginner mountain climbers turn to for advice? Quite a few places, actually. Most importantly, you’ll want to surround yourself with experts who’ve been around a rock or two and can help you stay safe while learning a thing or two.

Places to hike and climb

Arizona is one of our favorite places to send beginner climbers, both for the climate and the abundance of flat, grip-able rock faces. A short hop from there is Utah and California where even more climbing spots can be found. It’s also a great idea to start out your climbing career in rocky gyms where you can learn a lot of the skills and strengthen a lot of the muscles for real outdoor hiking. Their padded floors, air conditioning, and emergency medical staff make it a great place to “learn the ropes.”

The right climbing gear

However or wherever you train, it’s absolutely paramount that you have the right equipment. Having high quality equipment made from top brands is also important. Climbing is an exceptionally technical sport that requires highly technical pieces of equipment that have to work 100% of the time, not 95% or even 98%. Yes, spending a little extra money on having the right equipment from the very best brands will be worth it. Trust us.

Most importantly (besides safety), have fun out there! Grow this sport. Tell your friends about it, and join lots of great communities of climbers.